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Our Philosophy

At Mindful Primary Tutoring, we believe that learning should be an enjoyable and empowering experience. Our approach is holistic and comprehensive, giving students the opportunity to not only learn new skills, but also to deepen and retain their knowledge .


Our tutors are primary school teachers who use visual materials, models and activities to engage students in an enjoyable and supportive environment.


We provide lessons for primary school students of all ages in Maths and Literacy. We also offer a Year 7 preparation Maths program for Grade 6 students. Our Learning Literacy through Art program is specifically designed for 4-5 year olds to make learning enjoyable and creative before starting school.


Our classes are from one-on-one tutoring to group classes, to help students improve their skills and reach their full potential. Our goal is to provide a personalized, fun and effective learning experience that allows each student to reach their academic goals and develop a growth mindset. We offer tailored tutoring for students with specific learning needs.

                   SUMMER HOLIDAY PROGRAM

                      22nd January -25th January

Looking to improve your child's skills and confidence in Maths and Literacy? Enrol your child for a 4- day program designed to revise and build knowledge in number skills, reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. An engaging and effective learning experience for children from Foundation to Grade 6.


Give your 4-5 year old child a head start with our literacy program which is designed to develop crucial skills in reading, writing and language.

We also offer a Year 7 preparation Maths program to help your child prepare for secondary school.


Our combination of hands-on learning, worksheets and fun activities will ensure that your child not only enjoys learning, but also shows significant improvement in their skills.

All classes are conducted by experienced primary and secondary school teachers.

In the school


(4-5 year olds)
Classes available during school hours

Build your child's confidence, resilience and independence before starting school.


Your child will become familiar with school routines and patterns through a love of literature and art. We believe that art is not just a form of creative expression, but also a powerful tool for building literacy skills.


Our art space is designed to encourage imagination and storytelling and will allow children to connect with the world around them. They will experiment with new words and language through the love of books, sensory play and joyful art experiences. Our approach to teaching literacy through art helps children build reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills incidentally, while having fun and being creative.

Preschool Class

(Prep - Grade 6)
Private or Group (Maximum of 5 students)

 Our Maths program is based on the Victorian curriculum and our experienced primary school teachers are able to tailor their lessons to each student’s individual needs. Children are taught to understand and learn maths in a fun and engaging way. Teachers use visual models, games and activities to demonstrate mathematical concepts. They provide students with additional written practise and materials. 

Student Learning Mathematics

                LITERACY PROGRAM

                (Prep - Grade 6)

Private or Group (Maximum of 5 students)

Our literacy program is based on the Victorian curriculum and is tailored to the individual needs of each student. Our teachers have an extensive understanding of the primary school curriculum and use this knowledge to help improve and develop reading, writing, and comprehension skills of all our students. We believe it is important to focus on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure they become confident and independent learners. Our goal is to help students develop a lifelong love of reading and writing.

Children at school


Grade 6 ( Maximum of 5 students)

Our Preparation Program for Grade 6 students will assist your child to obtain a head start in their Maths skills so they can confidently start Year 7. Our program is led by an experienced secondary Maths teacher who will provide your child with notes, examples and extra practice to help them improve and excel. Our focus is on the main topics taught in Year 7, with a greater emphasis on developing confident number skills and solving worded problems. We believe that by providing your child with the necessary skills for Year 7 Maths, they will be better prepared for the year ahead.

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