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Your Child is One of a Kind.
And so is our Method.

At Mindful Primary, we understand that no two learners are alike. We customise our lessons to fit the unique needs of each student. Whether it's one-on-one sessions, group learning, kinaesthetic methods, or visual aids, we're committed to ensuring your child receives the most benefit from our tailored approach. Every lesson is an opportunity to thrive, crafted just for them.

Unlocking the full potential in every Student

By focusing on individualised learning goals and encouraging a growth mindset, we help students improve their time management skills and foster lifelong learning habits. At Mindful Primary, we are committed to creating a supportive environment where children feel valued, can express themselves, and transfer what they learn directly into their everyday lives. This commitment ensures that each child not only succeeds academically but also gains the tools needed for future success, giving every parent peace of mind about their child’s educational journey.

What Drives our Approach

At Mindful Primary Tutoring, our approach is designed to nurture, engage, and empower. We believe that every child has unique potentials, and our dedicated teachers are passionate about unlocking these possibilities. With a foundation in the comprehensive Victorian curriculum, our programs range from Foundation to Grade 6, each tailored to foster a love of learning and to build essential life skills.

Unique and Tailored Lesson Structures

Our lessons are dynamic and interactive, crafted to be both fun and educational, ensuring that learning is never a chore but a delightful adventure. We specialise in personalised one-on-one sessions as well as collaborative group learning, allowing children to thrive in environments that suit their learning styles best. This method not only enhances academic abilities but also boosts social skills, confidence, and resilience.

Enjoy Learning with a hands-on approach

At Mindful Primary Tutoring, we understand that most students are kinaesthetic learners - and we are all for it. We tailor our classrooms and lesson structures to be captivating and engaging for students, moving past copying down definitions. 
We incorporate interactive activities and educational games to make sure that not only the lessons are more engaging, but ensuring that students develop a healthy relationship with learning and look forward to each lesson.

We're committed to turning each learning opportunity into a journey of discovery, encouraging our students to thrive in both their academic pursuits and personal development.

Private & Group Sessions

Whether your child thrives in groups or loves a one-on-one approach, Mindful Primary is the perfect fit. Our programs, including Literacy, Maths, and Mindfulness & Wellbeing, are taught in groups and one-on-one and are designed to cater to your child’s unique learning style.

Mindset Focus

We use techniques that support a growth mindset in our tutoring sessions. We encourage students to establish difficult but attainable objectives, value effort over natural talent, and offer helpful criticism that centres on process and advancement.

In addition to being teachers, our tutors act as mentors, helping students accept obstacles, push through setbacks, and eventually reach their full potential.

We are more than just Experts

What sets us apart?

Mindful Primary tutors are experienced Primary School teachers with an extensive knowledge of the Victorian Curriculum.
Our primary teachers are qualified not only to understand how children learn, but how to best teach your child by quickly identify learning gaps and filling them all while taking a hands-on, engaging approach to learning.

Meet Mindful Primary

Qualified & Supportive

The team at Mindful Primary Tutoring, led by our Primary School Coordinator and Head Tutor, Maria Scaramuzzo, is a group of dedicated and experienced educators with extensive knowledge of the Victorian curriculum. With a deep passion for teaching, the team is committed to helping students achieve their full academic potential through personalized and engaging learning experiences.

Our expertise extends to special needs education, excelling in tailoring tasks to meet the unique needs and goals of every student. By setting personal goals and providing continuous encouragement, we help students build confidence, resilience, and a lifelong love for learning. Under Maria's leadership, the entire team at Mindful Primary Tutoring is dedicated to delivering high-quality education that fosters both academic and personal growth.

Meet the Team

Guided by Excellence, Driven by Passion

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